Three things are certain in life: death, taxes, and BlackLight’s ability to consistently deliver high-quality tracks. This multitalented EDM producer, songwriter, and performer effortlessly crafts engaging music, and is always pushing the genre boundaries within the realms of electronic dance music, to create music that is stimulating, invigorating, and inspiring!

Taking his motivation to the next level, BlackLight is back with another summer special titled “Welcome To The Party” – a high-energy party anthem that makes you want to move as soon as the beats start kicking in!

“Welcome To The Party” has such a pulsating bass line, exceptionally hit toms, and an overall consistent rhythm, making it an epic tech house masterpiece that is transcendental and full of contagious energy.

I love how the vocals have been layered; they are so enchanting and captivating and add flair, elegance, and a crystal-clear polish to the arrangement.

Simply put, “Welcome To The Party” is a lively and engaging house track with a unique, international flair. The sound design and mix are also awe-inspiring. Everything from the song structure down to the realization is magnificent.

BlackLight demonstrates virtuosity in engineering this impeccable arrangement with the sound and drops reflecting such excellent production and incredible sound engineering.

“Welcome To The Party” boosts the vibe in any setting; it does not matter whether you are listening in the comfort of your home, at a company gathering, or even in a nightclub; when this banger drops, you throw caution to the wind and dance like no one’s watching in a state of music-inspired delirium.

With this party banger, BlackLight has once again illustrated his knack for creating party anthems within the realms of tech house; proving to be the master of his craft!

Without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the party and relish!

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