TOM HYGGE – Light It Up!

Tom Hygge (pronounced: “Hyoo-guh”) is an Independent EDM/pop Music Producer/Artist out of the San Francisco Bay Area. His release was in late May 2022. Over the 10 months Hygge has totaled over 100,000 streams. He describes as Romantic Electropop/EDM & Pop hybrid, with some Rock elements as well. He has released 4 instrumentals and 3 songs with vocals.

He is inspired by any music artist that brings passion, emotions, meaning and love to their craft. Some of his favorite artists range from Dash Berlin, Seven Lions, Rufus de Soul to David Bowie, Queen, ELO. His music is hard to categorize, as he has elements of all his favorite Artists & his own personal life’s experience.

Hygge hopes we can all make/listen to music suited to life’s ups/downs, ebbs/flows, and moods/circumstances, and not be confined to genre expectations/limitations.




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