Hailing from the UK, Cal Shepp has always possessed that dynamic creativity that is fueled by his insatiate passion for music and technology, and he feels this is the right moment for him to astonish the music world with his craftsmanship when it comes to the electronic dance world. And what a way to start with that absolute stinger of a progressive house track; “Motive” is a lively EDM and progressive house track that has all the ingredients of an electronic-infused song that is sure to resonate with music listeners across the globe.

This track made me reminisce of the 2010’s heyday dance music scene- the production is just stupendous right from those epic drops at the intro, and the squeaky clean and atmospheric synths that fashion its bouncy feel that is just so invigorating, to say the least!

Cal Shepp creates a shimmering soundscape that showcases his musical prowess and sharp sense of sound design. The beat is electrifying with dynamic builds, and the fusion of rhythm and melody exudes a powerful, confident energy. The mesmerizing instrumentals induce a trance-like state that is impossible to resist, inspiring spontaneous movement and wild abandon all night long.

Big, bold, brash; “Motive” is progressive house music at its finest and immediately translates to any dancefloor around the globe. This is just the beginning for Cal Shepp, who has showcased that he’s got what it takes to create addictive EDM tracks capable of turning up the heat at festivals and dance floors!

It can only get better from here; I am looking forward to hearing more from Cal Shepp, who has undoubtedly sparked my interest.

To get a taste of this debut track, follow the attached link and let this progressive stunner infiltrate your playlist!

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