Ultramonk 9 introducing a brand new release: “Free” (Featuring Man- Era & Papa Winter)

December 2022 – Ultramonk 9 is a music project with a focus on creating music that seamlessly explores a huge range of styles. Some bands are quite stuck into their own definitions. However, others are actually keen on setting the bar higher and looking for new creative ideas. Every element has its own sonic space in the mix, and “Free” feels like a perfect opportunity to push the
boundaries of the core vision and sound.

The release also features Man-Era & Papa Winter, who brought some amazing contributions to the song, and a healthy dose of extra personality and vibe!

What makes “Free” special is definitely the fact that it showcases the artist’s diverse stylistic references, as well as signaling to their ability to blur the lines between various influences.

Speaking of which, Ultramonk 9’s new release, “Free”, is highly recommended if you are a fan of edgy and energetic electronic music. Find out more about these talented artists, and do not miss out on “Free”, which is currently available on the web’s best digital music streaming platforms.

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