The Dayton, Ohio-based electronic artist and songwriter Dress Code presents Mistaken Identity, a retro-futuristic opus in which unveils an ambitious take on his distinctive electro-funk style. By fusing the grooviness of electro-pop nostalgia and a good dose of rock-infused ambiances, the soulfulness and charisma of Dress Code on Mistaken Identity marks a prodigious moment for his galactic-inspired funk. 

With almost two decades of trajectory as a music producer, Derek Holley is a visionary musician that has defined his own sound as funky-rocktronic. He has collaborated in indie films and has constantly developed an eclectic style in his music with several releases that goes from synthpop anthems to powerful funk records with flavored electro house textures. 

For Mistaken Identity, Dress Code explores the most seductive side of electric guitars with riffs that accentuate the spirit of retro-inspired vibes. The grooviness of robotic vocals with the disco-infused glimpses brings together a dance-oriented piece fulfilled with otherworldly atmospheres.


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