Closure is HD-4884’s and SPIRIT SERVER’s release as a collaborative duo, featuring vocalist Medina Johnson (featured on the late influential jazz pioneer Miles Davis’ 2019 record entitled “Rubberband.”) Written amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and finished during the tragedy in Ukraine, Closure was inspired to be a dystopian, emotionally driven track.

The progressive twist will lead any listener over the dark remnants of the past while simultaneously paving the road to redemption. Closure begins with an ominous yet classically inspired chord progression laced with haunting vocals that weave throughout the composition. Crescending into an Angelic anthem, Closure inspires hope for a better future through aggressive and inevitable change.

This cinematic collaboration fuses HD-4884’s Dark Bass sound design with SPIRIT SERVER’s mastery of drum and bass; together they join forces to form an unstoppable armada of transformation. Heavenly and digital bliss is reached upon hearing these Jazz infused melodic trumpets, accompanied by the strength of Medina Johnson’s soulful vocal anthem. “Pushing through the end. I can breathe again” Medina’s wisdom serves as a gentle guide towards the second drop, our heads held high in confidence knowing closure is imminent. HD-4884’s graceful touch of mid-tempo reminds us that the unknown is naturally unfamiliar, dark, and even frightening. Closure mimics real life, seeking to bring change from the foundations of the past while pioneering the new future of drum-and-bass and mid-tempo genres alike. HD-4884 and SPIRIT SERVER’s mission for “Closure” is to introduce a new and dark take on the experimental world of mid-tempo and drum and bass alike. This experiment is brought to life with the help of Medina Johnson’s heart-wrenching ballad that truly sets the tone and helps us understand the emotion behind the song.

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