DinOZ – ‘In My Arms‘ is out now and available to stream on SoundCloud! The single lasts around four minutes and sits at a steady 127bpm. 

The track commences with a thirty-second introductory section that sets the tone for the main riff. The stylistically affected vocal flows seamlessly with the rhythmic vibe of the instrumental accompaniment without dominating the mix. The steady beat, melodic strings and ominous electronic layers combine to provide the perfect platform for the ethereal vocal line. 

The layering of harmonized vocal elements adds a creative flair and depth to the overall sound without dominating the mix; check out 1:31 to 1:38. The intensity of the beat systematically various throughout the single to deliver just the right amount of dynamic diversity to ensure that this track is engaging from start to finish. 

By the time ‘In My Arms’ draws to a close, you’ll find yourself caught up in the hypnotic trance vibe and in need of hitting that repeat button for another listen. From the well-balanced production to the creative arrangement and catchy hook, fans of DinOZ, as well as those who appreciate new electronic music, will definitely want to hear this single. Make sure you follow DinOZ on SoundCloud to keep up to date with upcoming releases!


DinOZ is a rising artist who burst onto the streaming scene four months ago. Having always had a natural affinity for music, DinOZ honed his craft over the years to become the artist that he is today. Although DinOZ receives inspiration from a number of styles, DinOZ combines a variety of compositorial elements to form his unique sound. 

To date, DinOZ has three tracks in his SoundCloud discography: ‘Pure Seduction’, ‘Little Harmful People’, and ‘In My Arms’. With a growing number of followers and listeners, DinOZ is steadily developing a dedicated fan base who will be eager to hear the latest release. 

DinOZ – ‘In My Arms‘ is out now and available to stream on SoundCloud!

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