Lobito’s latest release has been slept on. If you want some intensity, filthy bass, and a 4×4 beat to bop your head to, then you got top check him out. Lobito has only recently entered the EDM scene and is sure to come up. Recently releasing a 5 Track EP that includes only house music. Bass House, G House, and Euphoric House. Lobito has also recently done many live streams with a gang called Beep Boop. You can find many of his livestreams on his Soundcloud as well as in video on YouTube. Nothing but house sets or even some speed house!! Video’s on his channel show how much he has to create a great set to vibe with. Stunning visuals and audio! Lobito’s sets could easily take over a whole festival and have the crowd jumping and shuffling. Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, Lobito is yet to do any shows but is excited to start since the pandemic is dying. You can catch him possibly at underground raves or desert raves in the near future

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