A musical piece leaving the listeners in sonic disbelief, the emotionally driven lyrics of HVDES carries you thru epic arpeggiated soundscapes and orchestral percussion that drives the first movement of music into the decaying blissful drop of HD-4884, which is currently the artist new choice of sound design for 2021.

“Entering the Portal, as we exit the chaotic realm of chaos,” – HD-4884

The first drops transfers you into the depths of digitized sound design that feel as if it’s tearing its way through a thin blanket of time, space, and sound. The leading combination of Saturated Basslines and beautifully placed progressive foley sounds and glitches, definitely pushes the genre of Bass / Mid Tempo / IDM to its next endeavor.

“Somewhere beyond the event Horizon I’ll Find Peace And the silence will begin When the chaos disappears And the world ends” – HVDES

“Portals” HVDES speak of a tale of beautiful destruction, the pre-aftermath in “Portals”, causing oneself to seek refuge by placing the listener’s imagination in a dystopia world to bare witness to the unsettling wars between human, spirit and death. This was discussed between HVDES & HD during the collaboration. HD was seeking lyrics that were simple, dark, and poetic, allowing the listener to create its own inner connection to song / Lyrics, HVDES execution, and delivery couldn’t have been more perfect for ”Portals” The development of the collaboration took place during the quarantine winter period of the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020. Only Communicating through social media, HD-4884 was able to collaborate and create his 4th official Release for 2021. We can definitely see more collaborations in the near future with these two producers.

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