Whether you like the volatility or not, crypto is here to stay – and consumers are flocking to digital currency in droves. As a result, people are now starting to seek out ways to not only trade crypto but also to spend it. And the world of entertainment is paying attention.

A major EDM festival is set to accept BTC payments from patrons who are looking to attend the event. The festival, Bigfoot Electro (May 28-30, 2021) has not yet announced its lineup, but has begun selling tickets last Friday. The lineup will be announced later this month, but is rumored to feature major label talent.

The head promoter had this to say:
“A lot of people ask me, ‘How are you able to even move forward,’ and the answer is, slowly & steadily.” The electronic dance music festival is prioritizing the health & wellness of its staff and patrons by significantly restricting the movement of people on the ground. At the same time, they’ve reduced capacity by over two-thirds.

“We are operating at 30% of capacity. Our schedule has been cut from 4 days down to 2. And lastly, we’re no longer doing 4 stages. Instead, we are doing just 1, in order to help our security team better manage the flow of traffic.”

Bitcoin enthusiasts are starting to reserve their spots to make sure they don’t miss the event.

“Some people are concerned about health and safety, but others want to party. But for some reason, people think you cannot have both. They think that “health” and “fun” can’t mix. We’re looking to break out of the lockdown carefully; this is not going to be a free for all fest, because we want to demonstrate that it’s possible to party AND be safe at the same time.” Crypto enthusiasts are able to purchase their tickets via the festival’s payment processor. There is no public option available to do so at this time, but you can buy your ticket by emailing the festival and requesting to pay via Bitcoin.

“We’re looking at ways to accept BTC and regular fiat currency side by side, but right now we have to offer the BTC payment option manually through our ticketing platform, Big Tickets.”

Trusted by more than 500 organizations, the Big Tickets event ticketing platform provides tools to manage, execute, and grow events. John Ashbaugh, CEO of Big Tickets, says:

“With features focused on marketing, cash flow, and analytics we’ve worked tirelessly to develop one online ticketing system for all events.”

Learn more at BigfootElectro.com and make sure to email for your crypto ticket payment link.

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