Leonardo Das Cabrio – Infamous, March 3rd

Berlin-based Dance-music duo Leonardo Das Cabrio are here for their STMPD RCRDS debut with ‘Infamous’. Their mission is all about having fun and the possibility to use their music as a humor-driven creative outlet. When STMPD RCRDS first asked them to send demos, they told the team they had 20 songs ready to release when in reality they had none. After locking themselves in the studio they ended up with the housey ‘Infamous’, which has landed them a spot in the label’s release schedule. 
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Carola & Gabzy – What They Want, March 4th

Carola has been active as a producer for the past 5 years and her tracks have received praise and recognition all over. For her STMPD debut, she teamed up with Gabzy on the infectious ‘What They Want’. ‘What They Want’ is a track that mixes electro – and bass house with a Brazilian aesthetic. The collaboration is a perfect mix of both Carola and Gabzy’s styles. They have been friends for many years, but due to a lack of time and a big difference in styles a collaboration was never a possibility, until now. Investing a lot of time and hard work in her high-quality productions, Carola hopes to pave the way for other female producers, but also prove that she is an artist who deserves recognition regardless of her gender.
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Julian Jordan & Guy Arthur – Let Me Be The One, March 5th 

Wanting to collaborate for a long time, Julian Jordan and Guy Arthur were just waiting for that right track. And that time has finally come with the release of ‘Let Me Be The One’. ‘Let Me Be the One’ is a clean production with a smooth vocal and catchy lyrics that perfectly captures the feeling both guys tapped into when writing this song. It’s all about true, but impossible love. When you believe that you’ve found your special person, but aren’t sure if the other person feels the same about you. 

Guy Arthur remixed Julian Jordan’s ‘Love You Better’ last year and the two decided to now fully collaborate to bring the world the enticing and fiery ‘Let Me Be The One’. The track is accompanied by a captivating music video which will be released today at 5:00 PM CET on STMPD RCRDS’ YouTube channel. 
Listen here

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