Synymata makes his debut appearance on SLANDER’s Heaven Sent label with an enrapturing melodic dubstep single, “Where Does Love Go,” featuring Elle Vee. 

Nothing cuts deeper than realizing a romantic relationship has run its course. Overcoming a breakup is one of life’s greatest tragedies, but the silver lining of bouncing back on the other side unscathed comes with a newfound sense of self-worth and the empowerment in knowing heartbreak can oftentimes mold people into better versions of themselves. Anthony Gomulka is a melodic bass producer from Wisconsin, whose Synymata project was seemingly born to share this revelation with the world. The fast-rising producer has been carving out a path for himself via an output that closes in on the most vulnerable components of the human condition through a matrix of mind-shattering melodies and body-shaking bass. With a visceral body of work piling up under his name, Synymata is the perfect candidate to drop the fourth release on the newly minted Heaven Sent imprint, a veritable shrine for “emotional music sent from above.” On his new single, “Where Does Love Go,” he rolls up his sleeves to ask an eternal question that has eaten away at anyone who has felt love slip between their fingers. 

Setting out on a mission to examine “the damage a breakup can have on someone,” his song dives straight down into the sinking pit of a broken heart. A pulsating beat pumps frantically at the start, mimicking the sensation of a racing heartrate. Elle Vee, the lauded singer/songwriter from Las Vegas, adds her euphonious tones to the conversation through a warm vocal topline that cuts through the cold air of despair. Synymata gives her razor-sharp sentiments plenty of room to breathe, as he sparingly sprinkles in twinkling keys and throbbing pads to underline her inner turmoil. After careful reflection, Elle demands an answer to the question proposed in the song’s title and her powerfully belting shoots out across massive shockwaves fueled by swinging synth chords and sustained melodies. The pain is palpable, the mood runs crazy with emotion, and the message hits right in the core of the chest. 

When asked about the meaning behind his dissection of heartbreak, Synymata explains he wanted to tap into the experience of “How one copes with getting passed this obstacle of life and comes out a smarter, stronger, and more cautious person—so cautious that you almost forget how to love again… trying to figure out where does love go after it dies?”

Last year, Synymata propelled himself into SLANDER’s direct line of sight when he knocked out a rattling rework of their global hit, “Love Is Gone,” featuring acclaimed vocalist Dylan Matthew, which has amassed over 1.2M streams on Spotify. Aside from that attention-grabbing appearance on Gud Vibrations, the rising bass producer has also landed on lauded labels from the likes of Seeking Blue, Lowly, Bite This!, and Ophelia. His intoxicating blend of raw emotion and galvanizing melodies has garnered support from heavy-hitters across the board, including Zeds Dead, Jauz, Alison Wonderland, 1788-L, and beyond. While he continues to probe the pain points from our psyche, the sound Synymata is sitting on seems to fall perfectly in place with the vision held by SLANDER and their ever-growing Heaven Sent imprint

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