There’s nothing like a fresh new Artist from Austin, Texas bringing an epic track that features incredible sound design. MC Medina, flexes some serious production talent with this epic new single titled, “Manifest (Metaphysical.)”

This new sonic offering serves as the title track of the motivational nature of the Instrumentals LP & proof that this producer maintains good vibes in & out of the studio. Oh, and best part is a hidden track that sends the listener into a space of gratitude!

It’s our pleasure to introduce MC Medina from Conscious Minds Ent®, one of the hottest, delightfully versatile personalities alive today! Motivational Speaking, Producing, MCing, DJing, live remixing, & comedy is just the tip of the iceberg with this guy. The “charismatic sound mechanic from another planet” has focused immense intentions on the gift of music production/ composition & is NOW traveling to share bliss tunes with the world!

This song may be the perfect example of MC Medina’s style: an incredible mix between Dubstep music and an amazing set of sounds from so many different genres, including but not limited to Downtempo EDM, Trap, & Chillstep…

In the words of his peers: “We highly recommend grabbing your headphones or turning up your best speakers for this one, you won’t want to miss a single second. On beat one, we’re uploaded into a captivating realm of rich, mechanized sound. Flittering chimes dance overhead while bass synths swell and drop below. Ceremonial shaker loops carry you as cascading effects ricochet between your ears. Synthesized tones of all shapes and sizes, colors and textures make up this vast kaleidoscopic world of sacred geometry and I never want to leave.”

Connect with MC Medina: Instagram | Facebook | Soundcloud | Reverb Nation

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