This is COY Swede’s 7th single, based in Stockholm, Sweden. This producer and artist not yet found by the masses have already got one of his songs, ‘You Are Mention’ as one of the best independent track of 2020 picked out by a music blog alongside The Weeknd and many more. COY stands for shy and Swede..yea well u get it. This time he collabed with a Swedish singer, Camila Carballo who is also independent.

It’s been told he wanted to make a wider audience track with Believe In Us to show he can master that still with his own style and Hallmark. He has his own custom synth, made in Serum, and he has worked out his own way to mix the vocals in his own special way.

The vox is recorded in a studio in Gothenburg, Sweden. It says Camila got on a flight from Cyprus where she studies to make this track together with COY Swede. And the tag #wehold✊ was born. It stands for believe in what u do and move forward!

@coyswedeofficial | @camilacarballop

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