NUZB – Nighttime, January 20th

NUZB is back on STMPD RCRDS with his signature spice on a brand new release ‘Nighttime’. One of his favorite tracks has finally seen the light of day and it sure doesn’t disappoint. The new vibes and melodies he’s bringing contribute to his RetroFuture era and movement, which he started during last year’s quarantine. Representing his Brazilian culture by adding his roots and influences to his music, he sure makes his home country proud. With his upcoming EP taking shape track after track, fans can expect the full drop very soon..

Pontifexx – Profondo, January 22nd 

Despite his young age, Pontifexx is among Brazil’s leading electronic music artists. His newest release goes by the name of ‘Profondo’ and is there to further consolidate his sonic signature that brings progressive, pop, melodic as well as psychedelic aspects. ‘Profondo’ finds its inspiration in the pandemic and focuses on the fact that people need to be together, even if they are physically isolated. The mechanisms of our relationships might be different at the moment, but that doesn’t mean it has gotten less important. Actually the opposite. The track speaks about valuing your loved ones even more, regardless of the physical limitations rigth now. 

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