MNNR – Can’t Hurt Me Anymore, January 13th

This week STMPD RCRDS isn’t releasing one, two, but three ID’s from Martin Garrix’s Tomorrowland NYE set. After posting the IDs on their social media, fans started guessing right away and the first revealed ID is from MNNR: ‘Can’t Hurt Me Anymore’. MNNR and Gordon from Botnek met in Miami last year and decided to team up and create something that mixes the best of both their signature sounds. ‘Can’t Hurt Me Anymore’ was born. The track is full of house vibes and fat synths and marks MNNR’s second single on STMPD RCRDS.

Aspyer – Symphony, January 14th

The second ID from Garrix’s Tomorrowland NYE set is from Aspyer and goes by the name of ‘Symphony’. ‘Symphony’ takes us all the way back to one of Aspyer’s childhood dreams. At 14 years old he tried to combine electronic music with violins and even performed in clubs with this concept. For a very long time he dreamed about creating a track with his violin that people would listen to and would be played in large stadiums. ‘Symphony’ is the embodiment of this dream. The track finds its inspiration in classical music, recreating the energy and combining it with dance music. The first demo of the violin part was recorded on an iPhone at home. 

Julian Jordan – Big Bad Bass, January 15th

His signature sound couldn’t be missed during Garrix’s NYE set, and Julian Jordan can now finally reveal that he’s behind the banger ‘Big Bad Bass’. Julian tried to fool his fanbase in a video broadcasted by STMPD RCRDS, in which STMPD RCRDS artists had to guess which artist was behind the 11 IDs played by Martin Garrix in his Tomorrowland set. ‘Big Bad Bass’ was immediately recognized as a Julian Jordan ID by most of his fans and fellow STMPD artists, as Jordan really developed and established a true signature sound over the past years. However, when it was his own turn to guess, he feigned a priceless ‘I don’t know’ as he could not yet announce his upcoming track. Jordan might not win an Oscar for his acting performances, but he is certainly coming for the charts with yet another colossal hit. 

Ytram & Elderbrook – Fire (KAIOS remix), January 15th 

Following the release of ‘Fire’ in September last year, the collaboration between Ytram and Elderbrook is now receiving an official remix. The rework is in the hands of KAIOS, who have infused the track with their melodic techno sounds. Speaking of the remix the duo shared the following: ‘’This is a moment we have both been dreaming of for a long time. It’s such an honor to work with these incredibly talented artists. Can’t wait for you all to hear this!’’

‘Fire’ was first premiered during Martin Garrix’s closing set at Tomorrowland Around The World, after which the speculation around the artist behind the track started right away. Ytram’s music hits a different path for Garrix, who has been a frequent explorer of new sounds while always looking for ways to innovate and challenge himself musically. 

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