NUZB – Want Your Body, December 3rd
NUZB has become a household name on STMPD RCRDS the past couple of months with his impressive output. While building towards an EP, he now releases his latest addition to the bunch; ‘Want Your Body’. ‘Want Your Body’ was created when NUZB woke up on the floor of a studio with loads of inspiration one day. Without having breakfast he immediately started working on the track that later grew to be ‘Want Your Body’. The track finds its inspiration in retro-futuristic things such as films, series and good futuristic music. 

KVSH, LOthief, Diskover feat. Willa – So What, December 4th
KSVH, LOtfhief, Diskover and Willa have decided to combine their forces on ‘So What’. Coming up with the main idea, Diskover reached out to some of his friends. When working on the track together the focus was on making it as energetic as possible and this definitely worked. ‘So What’ brings progressive vibes while exhaling energy from start to finish. The vocalist on the track, Willa, also took care of the lyrics. 

Taska Black feat. Tessa Dixson – Found Myself, December 4th
Antwerp-based pop producer Taska Black and singer-songwriter Tessa Dixson from Brussels, two of the fastest growing artists in the Belgium pop space, have teamed up for an existential yet romantic hit: ‘Found Myself’. The song explores the depth of personal realizations that tend to come with break ups. Tessa explains, “Losing the love you built seems like a long and lonely road when actually it allows you to find yourself and realise the strength that you thought you had lost. In your head, your thoughts are fusing, all you want to do is be next to the one you shared your life with and it seems inconceivable that in a blink of an eye you become strangers to one another but at least now you’re no stranger to yourself anymore.”
Taska also adds, “As in most of my music I tend to leave the meaning of the song open to interpretation. To me it’s also about coming to terms with yourself about the relationships you’re having and doing what is best for you and doing what makes you happy. It’s about introspection and the never ending cycle of losing and finding yourself in life.”

Matt Nash & VY•DA feat. Alessia Labate – Wasted Love, December 4th
Hot on the heels of ‘You’re Not Alone’, Matt Nash is back on STMPD RCRDS with ‘Wasted Love’. The initial idea for the track was sent to Nash by collaborative partners VY•DA. Although the demo was a different BPM than his usual releases, it really stood out to him and he heard the potential to put his own signature touch to the track. When Alessia Labate joined in to write the vocal verses, everything just glued together perfectly. 

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