Tell us a little about how you got started producing music? Who are some of your influences and dream collabs?

I started producing when I was 13 years old I always loved music and played the piano since I was 4 years old so I was thinking of making my own music of the genre I like.

My influences are 80s music like a-ha, The Beatles, and some of this year Avicii, Alesso, and some others.

Tell us about your latest release “Missing you” what was it like collaborating with Nekzlo? How did the collab happen in the first place?

Collaborating with Nekzlo has been my favorite collab in my entire career as music producer cause he has my same pleasures he is also an awesome person and producer,I heard one of his songs and i was like omg his music is so awesome and i contact him and sent him one of my demos he liked it and he told me he agree with making a collab

Do you have more projects on the way, if so when can we expect them?

I have an album coming for this 2021 with songs I’ve been working on since 2019 and finally will release it hopefully with a big label

Covid19 has really impacted the world as we know it and we doubt things will ever be the same. How has the pandemic affected you as a producer and a performing artist? Would you say it has given you the opportunity to focus on production and getting new music out there?

This pandemic helped me producing more and work more on my music but the problem here is that my audience started coming down then we released Missing you and everything it’s going better now.

This is a question we love asking. Please tell us something about you that your fans don’t know. Surprise us

I have anxiety and I treat it with medications

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