Rising Australian artist, producer, and DJ, VNCCII unveils her second single of the year with the uplifting ‘Take You Higher’. Released alongside visuals featuring her 3D cyborg avatar, the multi-disciplinary singer/songwriter and electronic music producer offers an uplifting and timely message of hope during a time fragmented with chaos and disorder.

Speaking of the track, VNCCII says “Take You Higher is a vocal dance song that I produced, wrote and sung on. This song/video represents the avatar’s journey of self-belief and empowerment. At the heart of this story, she comes to the epiphany that she should step unapologetically into her true powers, in order to take herself higher. Especially in 2020, all of us should look within to realize our own value and inner power, by reconnecting with our true selves.”

The video showcases VNCCII’s signature 3D cyborg avatar running through a stunningly immersive utopian green field. The scene opens with a corridor of doors closing dramatically, as she runs towards a glowing white door in the distance. Once she enters the glowing white door that resembles a portal, we see VNCCII’s avatar transported into multi-dimensional time-travel, taking us into a pristine higher-dimensional environment. VNCCII’s avatar arrives in a white iconic mythological temple, where she connects with her Titan mythological creator. The video culminates with the introduction of a younger 8-10-year-old version of VNCCII’s A.I avatar in a photogenic poppy field, where like a pre-cog, she is projecting into the future with her own custom Holographic VR lens technology.

With a classic audio-visual storytelling quality, resembling the emotional depth of a Pixar, it’s inspiring to see an innovative artist deliver an immersive, compelling story with a strong universal message. We can only imagine what other stories or grander narratives VNCCII has concocted. ‘Take You Higher’ is available to stream now.

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