Aspyer (feat. Madison Rose) – Saving Grace

When Aspyer decided to listen to his old demos he stumbled upon a harmony that he wrote 3 years ago. While working on a lot of different melodies and even changing the genre of the track, he decided to delete all of this one day and start all over. Full of inspiration he sat down and created the instrumental for ‘Saving Grace’. The melodic track has a bright, positive and fresh vibe in which all the elements harmoniously complement each other. Madison Rose’s energetic voice blends in perfectly with the energy of the track. Writing the lyrics during her lunch break in just 10 minutes, they can be interpreted in many different ways. Quoting Rose: Music is incredible that way.. Can mean so many things. 

3LAU – Apocalyptic

3LAU is gearing up for his STMPD RCRDS release debut with ‘Apocalyptic’. The title of his brand new release might give away that the inspiration behind this one has been the insanity of 2020 and all the emotions that have come with it. ‘Apocalyptic’ started as a club track, but soon transformed into a reaction to what is going on in the world at the moment. Clubs closed or not, this fiery track can be enjoyed from anywhere.

Justin Mylo feat. SMBDY – Still Around

For his brand new release, ‘Still Around’, Justin Mylo teamed up with SMBDY. The sublime vocals perfectly complement the rest of the track, which some fans already argued to be one of his best tracks to date. The full and uplifting sound works perfectly for this time of year and prove that one of STMPD’s veteran artists has another masterpiece on his hands. 

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