With danceable grooves, glaring riffs, and chantable refrain Monotronic releases “Kids of Summer,” a new song and video out now.

Monotronic defies genre and is nearly impossible to categorize, yet somehow there is a common thread that can be traced back to its brainchild, anthropologist and musician/producer, Ramsey Elkholy. The New York-based collective pillage dancefloor-ready grooves with impressive instrumentation, verging on virtuosity, while staying rooted in eloquent songcraft. “I traveled pretty consistently for most of my 20’s, lived in other countries, and have always tried to stay open to new experiences” Elkholy says. “Later as an anthropologist, my research interests led me to the jungles of Indonesia, where I lived for two years, mostly taking notes and observing the people I was living among, basically trying to be a fly on the wall. That’s something that will always stay with me, that curiosity of the world and other people.”
These experiences filter through the genre-crossing songs of Monotronic. Settling back in New York, Elkholy made the decision not to pursue academia, but instead to focus on music, which led to shows throughout New York and the release of the band’s self-titled debut album in 2019.

After the cycle behind the first album, Elkholy decided to shift gears, focusing less on playing gigs and more on recording and songwriting, which led to a series of upcoming singles and videos to be released throughout 2020.

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