Moksi feat. Adam McInnis – Tidalwave

Moksi made their first steps towards producing their new sound with the album they released last year. Tidalwave is another testament of that new sound, a house track with blues and soul influences. Vocalist Adam McInnis, who also wrote the lyrics, shows that his voice can hold a lot of energy even though his vocals have a laidback nature in this track.To celebrate the release, a special Moksi Instagram filter has been made and can be found on STMPD RCRDS’ instagram.


Zuffo & R.Braga – In Love

For their STMPD debut, Brazilian artists Zuffo & R.Braga teamed up to make this absolute banger of a track. In Love’ could already be heard in Martin Garrix’s radio show a couple of weeks ago. The track has an energetic drop with futuristic timbres and a melody that captures the emotions of the lyrics that speak about a relationship that’s about to end, with one person who is still madly in love. Signing two songs on the label, another monster track is to be expected soon. 


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