The Los Angeles based producer WHZLY(Anthony Souza) 26, decided to take his passion to a professional level and in just a short time, has signed a single release deals with renowned labels such as DIM MAK records, Ram Records, Music High Court, and Mom + Pop Records.

Q: What is the backstory of this EP? Feels like there was a lot of thought and creativity put into this one.

A: Coming into the music scene as an artist, I was never fascinated by just one genre. I think to become a great artist you gotta be versatile with your sound and experiment with something new. I think that’s how I try to keep my sound fresh and exciting. I want the listener to never know what they’re gonna hear from one of my releases. That was the definite message with this EP. I wanted to mix up the sounds, and just have fun with it because that’s what music is all about. If you know me, I’m also a total goofball so the name definitely spoke to me when I said it out loud.

Q: Obskure is a great up and coming label that’s been making some waves in the bass scene. How does it feel to be their first artist to release an EP with them?

A: I had my eye on Obskure ever since they launched. I love the uniqueness of their releases and the artists they’ve done work with. I’m honored to be the first artist to release an EP with them. I think this will be a special one for both parties. The obskure peeps are great, and I really enjoyed this whole process with them. Also shoutout to my boy Andrew “TMRRW.” He’s such a skilled producer and working on “Finding Future” with him was amazing. We have more collabs coming out soon so be on the lookout for those!

Q: What’s your daily routine in the studio? Any specific regiment you have?

A: I honestly don’t have one. My hours in the studio all over the place. When I get inspired, I can’t stop. I don’t care what time it is, I’ll be in there until I finish up my idea. It’s a blessing and a curse you can say. All in all, I just like to get in the studio and work. If I put restrictions and rules to my process of creating it will alter my end result and I can’t live with that. I like to live by the “whatever it takes” motto.


Q: How are you coping with quarantine and where do you see the music industry going in the next few years?

A: We’re living in an awkward time. With all the terrible events going on in the world right now, I’m just trying to stay positive and make the best of it. During these times, it’s crucial for the up and coming artists to really put in that work and show off our talents through consistent releases. I see it as we’re all on an equal level playing field without having the appeal of shows right now. So put in that work, it’s the best time to get that big producer support, and get to the next level!

Q: If you could collaborate with an artist today, who would it be and why?

A: Dj Diesel, Nitti Gritti, Eliminate, Subtronics. These are some of my inspirations today, and the producers I really look up to.

Q: Any long term goals for the WHZLY project?

A: I don’t really have any expectations for my project. I feel like if I have expectations, that’s just a lot of unnecessary pressure that I don’t need. Expectations take out the enjoyment of making music for me. Don’t get me wrong, I obviously have hopes and dreams for the project, but I don’t lust over the outcome, I fall in love with the journey. I’m grateful for the position I am in now, and if I get bigger, so be it I’m still going to be the same person I am today. I just love making music and there’s nothing much else to it for me.

Q: Anymore upcoming releases this year that we can expect from you?

A: Yes! So I have a single coming out on Buygore next month along with a collab with TMRRW and Kini Solana coming out on Music High Court in September. I’m super excited to get those out! Other than that, I’ve got a bunch of unreleased tracks that I’m currently putting the finishing touches on. My team and I are starting to game plan for 2021 so we’re doing a lot of exciting preparation for the future.

Q: What can we see in your hospitality rider?

A: Oh wow, my rider is pretty unique. I guess it depends on my mood really with food and beverage choices. But I always HAVE to have my Cheez-Its after I perform. That is a MUST! 

Q: You wanna shout anyone out, or give any advice to up and comers out there?

A: Yeah shoutout to my managers Shay Behboodi and Gregory Crenshaw. Those two put in so much work behind the scenes, and they really keep me on my toes. Without their guidance, I would be lost, and I’m just grateful to have them in my corner. Not to mention they’ve become some of my best friends today. My biggest advice to any day one producer is to find your own sound but not dwell so much time on trying to find out exactly what that is. It will happen over time and eventually, you’ll hear listeners say I love “her/his” sound and before you even know it, you already have a unique sound.  If you try to sound like someone else, you’ll never be bigger than that person. Become unique to yourself and stand out from the crowd. Be professional but yourself to the fullest. Just be consistent and have fun with it. You will only fail if you quit or give up. Just keep doing what you love! 

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