Crystal Rome Gets Electrifying Trance Remix by Melodic Midnight

All For You (Melodic Midnight Remix) is the latest dance remix release from EDM artist Crystal Rome. Remixed by Melodic Midnight who is carving out his own lane in electronic music with his moody progressive dance track for EDM fans. Expect more collaborations from these 2 up and coming music artists.

With a string of mesmerizing singles highlighting the emotive power and grace of her voice lushly integrated within soaring EDM, singer-songwriter Crystal Rome is carving a unique path of purposeful uplifting dance/Trance music. Her overall aesthetic is informed by the trance electronic dance music lineage, but her soulfully ethereal vocals and uplifting spirituality are uniquely her own. I want to use my music to change people’s lives, the Nashville-based artist says. 


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