Ducka Shan Releases Future House Track ‘I Find You’

Let me briefly introduce you Ducka Shan: he’s an American Vietnamese DJ and producer based in California. Because of coming from a musical family, he has found the floor to express his passion for music and he has met house music at age 15. After that moment, magic happened and we’ve witnessed few amazing tracks by him, such as “I Can’t Let You” and “Deep In My Soul”. He has a mixed style, in a large spectrum between pop house to electronic bangers, thanks to his rich musical background and you can still enjoy his music no matter which genre you like! He took our attention specially after he won “Discovery Project Competition” in 2018 and he’s been performing in various events and locations ever since.

Now, newest track by Ducka Shan, “I Find You” which is out now on Enforce Records! As a unique interpretation of electro pop, this track is super catchy and binge-worthy! With strong basslines and energetic background, “I Find You” would definitely be an anthem for the summer and fit perfectly to warm the party. Our advice is to have a mojito in one hand, “I Find You” at the stereo and feet on the floor, dancing like there is no tomorrow!

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