Electronic music is an enormous spectrum of music, thanks to its nature. With the help of new technological advancements, we can observe new types of melodies or basslines which can change the spirit of the piece and that actually helped us to think electronic music as a strong and unique genre, different from other similar more popular genres (such as pop or hip hop). After this first differentiation, some sub-genres of electronic music became more popular than the others, for example, almost everyone knows about deep house but very little knows goa trance

As EDM Movement, we’d like to make a semi-educational (but yet fun, I hope!) article and introduce some other types of electronic music. For the ones who’d like to widen, change or even multiply their listening habits with similar types, here are five underrated sub-genres that would fit perfectly with the given time period. For the sake of the theme and the list, we’ve tried to cover every moment of the day and give at least one known, a similar genre as reference.

Morning: Lo-Fi Hip Hop “Chillhop” 

Who doesn’t love chilling, relaxing sounds which not only encourages you to start the day but also can lift your spirit up? This sub-genre offers you that combination! Inspired by hip-hop beats, lo-fi chill pop will fit perfectly to a breakfast date or a nice, calm coffee session before breakfast with friends or by yourself. This relatively new sub-genre is getting more and more popular with time but we still think it is a bit underrated so here’s an example for you and you can decide by yourself if we’re right!


Afternoon: Acid Jazz 

This sub-genre differentiates itself from other better-known peers with its calming melody and smooth, progressive structure inspired from jazz with a modern spin on it coming from its electronic background. If you want to integrate electronic music to your daily life, here’s your chance! Don’t let the name trick you, this type of music would fit perfectly to a soft event or an afternoon gathering with friends and/or family. Here’s an example for you to check out by yourself.

Evening: Detroit House 

As the birthplace of techno music, Detroit is also the origin of a least-known house music sub-genre called “Detroit House”, which is formed by exciting sounds and energetic melody. You will definitely be hyped when you hear this sub-genre! This type will fit perfectly for a summer/spring evening warm-up or pre-drink session with soft sunset and close friends, before the night out. You can try this one instead of deep house! There are plenty of artist and producers extremely successful in this genre, so here’s just one example for one’s that got curious.


Night: Dub Techno 

Let’s heat the things up and start the party already! As the underrated cousin of both dub and techno, dub techno offers you uplifting melodies and danceable moods, right after you start to listen to it. If you want to find an alternative for your minimal techno or acid techno beats, you can address to dub techno and explore its entertaining vibes. Working best with stereos, this underrated sub-genre will definitely animate the dancefloor. If you want to check by yourself, here’s an example!

MidnightDawn: Industrial Hardcore “Darkcore” 

What can top the hype and energy which previous entry brought? Well, for the ones who’d like to keep the party going till the first lights of the day; there is darkcore, the less-known sibling of rave music. You can recognize this genre with its raw sounds and super strong basslines. The best thing is, if you love raw techno or any kind of rough sub-genres, you’ll love this underrated type of hardcore. Here’s just one example for you if you want to check by yourself. But be aware of your surroundings, this one is loud and super passionate!

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