Dyro – Bounce Back

With his latest releases Dyo, one of The Netherlands’ most talented producers, is proving that his characteristic sound still fits in 2020. The newest addition ‘Bounce Back’ is a groovy track that combines countless different sounds which surprises and is ear friendly at the same time. Vowels full of energy and powerful melodies show us that despite all he years that Dyro has been in the spotlight, the producer never lost his essence and knows how to surprise with every track he releases. 

Pontifexx & Bhaskar feat. IRO – Getting Old

Brazilian artists Pontifexx and Bhaskar are no strangers to working together. Already teaming up on ‘Tempus’ in 2019, ‘Getting Old’ is the second track in line that evolved due to the mutual admiration they have for each other. Both started working on the tracks by themself, but after an unexpected chat they decided to finish them together. 

Getting Old explores the universal theme that every single person gets older every day and that as humans we’re constantly facing new challenges, but also seeing the world with new eyes every day. The beautiful vocals from IRO, a talented ex-street artist who used to sing in the subway of New York, perfectly finish off the track, combining the best of all artists. 

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