From complete anonymity to his sudden rise to fame, Jonney Ford also known as Joyride emerged on the electronic music scene with the most electrifying acts in 2016. His fame spread like wildfire as thousands of people mesmerized by his enchanting yet energetic compositions, flocked to him in the form of a music cult. He is considered to have brought about a new energy to the DJ scene and inspired tons of new talent to the DJ stage. If you are a fan and ever wanted to know more about his life. Then look no further as we have compiled a list of top 5 things you didn’t know about Joyryde. So, hold on to your seats, grab your headsets and go through out list. 

5. He was previously known by Eskimo

Before, Jonney Ford made his debut in 2016 under the name of Joyryde, where he took the electronic music scene by storm, he was known by another name “Eskimo”. Though Joyryde started his music production career at the age of 9, it wasn’t until age 15 that he started Djing around the world under the name Eskimo. His music became quite famous as it started showing up across the world on the sets of psytrance DJs

4. He survived a life-threatening Surgery

Joyryde has had a disk replacement surgery in his early career, which he talked about in detail to his fans on twitter. He expressed how painful the whole ordeal was for him, and how he lost hope during the period. During the entire 5 months of recovery, Joyryde says that the high dose of opioid pills and nerve damage drugs he was prescribed made him unable to work and even made him suicidal. Though it was a painful experience, the artist came out it strong and the back injury was his main motivation behind his recent album “Brave”. His album Brave is about celebrating Life and overcoming obstacles. 


3. He edits his own videos

That’s right, besides being one of the most influential producers in the industry. JOYRYDE also produces and edits his own videos. He uses produces his videos with music with visuals which ties the whole JOYRYDE experience together very well.

2. His dream car is Chevy nova

When asked during an interview session about what his dream car was, Joyryde excitingly replied that his dream car is 1971 Chevy 2 nova which is manufactured by Chevrolet. He further explained that his fascination with mean muscle cars started from the Quentin Tarantino move “Death proof” which features a matte black 1971 Chevy nova.

1. His inspiration for the name Joyryde was cars and music

In an interview with “your edm” when asked about the inspiration behind the name “Joyryde”, Jonney stated that he was always fond of Bass music and cars, and that he always saw and enjoyed the correlation between the two. He went further went on saying that he coined the term because he loved the words.

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