Famous DJ’s live an enjoyable life, doing what they love and jamming to massive music festivals visited by millions.

However, some DJ’s have live-streamed in really unique places across the world, and with a global pandemic raging outside of our homes, there’s no doubt they have done so in crazy locations.

Today, we’ll be listing the most unique places DJ’s have live-streamed.

Let’s dive in right into the action.

David Guetta

The covid-19 has caused a lot of distress regarding the events and entertainment world. Massive events such as Coachella have been cancelled, though David Guetta still managed to live stream during the United at Home stream and gather a whopping twelve million viewers, raising $700,000 in donations.

Who said that the live music industry was on hold? David Guetta just proved that thanks to the internet and technology, fans can still enjoy jamming at his music at home and even raise money for charity. He employed an indoor setup and performed outdoors in Miami with festival-grade production. 

Of course, those who lived nearby the live stream were able to watch him live, playing from the safety of their balconies. The live stream didn’t focus only on David Guetta, though, also zooming in on the faces and dances of Miami locals.

David Guetta was quick to tweet how overjoyed he was at the results and the incredible number of donations obtained.

Thanks to these donations, 1.7 million meals could be distributed to South Florida residents, healthcare working conditions were improved and the vaccine efforts were accelerated.


Don Diablo

As the previous members of our list have, Don Diablo also went ahead and live streamed from an intriguing location when the covid-19 pandemic put a halt to the music industry. He teased the event by posting short funny videos from his house, interacting with fans in Q&A Sessions and dropping a YouTube series called ‘The Art of DJ’ing’. He jammed along other famous artists like Steve Aoki, Rita Ora, OneRepublic and Ellie Goulding to raise money for the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for WHO, tuning in from his swimming pool and playing a 55-minute long set that featured an energetic drum and bass set. 

This showcased his DJ skills greatly, but most impressively was his ability to play even when in a pool. Everything was so smooth that it easily demonstrates how an amazing DJ he is. And he enjoyed every second of it as much as we did.

Martin Garrix

Just last week, Martin Garrix made headlines when he streamed on Dutch Waters, with a set comprised of unreleased music and some hits from his single with John Martin. He streamed right as the speedboat raced across the waters, bringing his music set everywhere along the coast.

As with the other members of our list, everyone was surprised with the normality of his performance. Martin Garrix seemed completely unfazed despite most people struggling the hold their balance while speeding across the waters, let alone playing music like he was on firm ground. 

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Mr. Belt &  Wezol

The funniest livestream of this list has to go to Mer. Belt & Wezol, who streamed from a farm during the SLAM! Quarantine Festival. They jammed along with sheep and alpaca at the Alpaca World Brielle, and the funny thing is that these alpacas seemed to quite enjoy the music, as they kept feeding and prowling as normal while they played.

We’ve saved the best for the last, and by far the most impressive DJ live stream ever recorded in a crazy location has to be Kaskade’s.


One of the most impressive live streams ever seen in the history of music has been Kaskade’s, being the first producer to perform at the Grand Canyon Skywalk.

His music was brought to one of the most gorgeous wonders of the world, performing seventy feet over the edge of the Grand Canyon and its see-through glass floor and that towers 4,000 feet above the Grand Canyon Floor.

And the most shocking fact about his performance is that he acted like normal for its entirety. The heights didn’t bother the DJ in the slightest, and he danced on the glass floor the whole way through, including his well-known originals ‘I Remember’ and ‘Disarm You’, and also unreleased material! Only someone of his skill level would be able to pull off something like this.

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