Top 10 DJ Headphones

When you’re a DJ, you need to make sure you’re investing in the best headphones in the market. After all, your music is your life, and you need to listen to it as best as you can!

Today, we’ll be presenting you with our top 10 affordable, yet high-quality headsets you can buy on Amazon.

10: OneOdio Headphones

OneOdio has always focused on designing high-quality headphones that also have a great sound quality and nice looking aesthetics. They feature a clearly different bass, clear sound, and quite a lot of isolation. You can use them to monitor audio for a live stream in a noisy environment. These are also really good quality, known to last for a long time. They are usually available for $37.99.

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9: PIONEER DJ Headphones, Silver, On Ear (HDJX5S)

The silver Pioneer HDJ-X5 Over-Ear DJ Headphones deliver the precision audio quality and durability professional DJs depend on, and are capable of producing frequencies from 5 Hz to 30 kHz. The HDJ-X5 feature 40mm drivers with copper-clad aluminum wire (CCAW) voice coils. The magnetic circuit is optimized for clear, distortion-free sound and easy monitoring. The bass reflex chamber provides a deep bass response and sound insulation, while the 4-core twisted-structure cable offers remarkable left and right channel separation.

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8 Pioneer DJ Headphone, Gold (HDJ-1500-N)

If you want to look stylish and still have great sound quality, then go for the Pioneer DJ headphones in gold. The gold will give any DJ a flashy edge when on stage, and they still have Pioneer’s classic durability, comfort, and quality.

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7: Behringer HPX200

The sound quality is pretty good for such a low price. Nice bass tones, mids are not muddy, and the highs come through nice. They have a very low price of only $18.99, meaning they are super affordable and great for rehearsals. Their ear cups are known to be really comfortable, and the best part of it is that they can even come on sale, making them even cheaper than they are at their current price.

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6: Sennheiser Pro Audio HD25

If you want to step up your DJ game and looking for some minimalist, yet powerful headphones, then go for Sennheiser’s Pro Audio HD25. This one’s a lightweight, robust, fiddly headset that also provides fantastic sound, comfort and it’s designed for working environments. Their entry-level price tag is $99.95, so they might seem a bit expensive if you’re on a budget, but we highly recommend investing in quality headphones if you want to step up your game.

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5: Pioneer HDJ-X5-K 

Similar to Sennheiser’s Pro Audio HD25, the Pioneer HJD-X5-K is one of the best sounding headphones money can buy. Due to a boost at 40 Hz, they sound particularly fun when listening to hip-hop, pop, EDM, and anything else with bassy synthesizers. This low-frequency energy bleeds into the low mids due to another boost between 100 Hz and 200 Hz. They have a low frequency that’s also very thick and punchy. These come at a price tag of $119.00, but they usually come on sale on Amazon, allowing you to get them for much less.

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4: Pioneer HDJ-X7-K Professional

One of the most professional headphones you can find on Amazon is yet another of Pioneer’s wonderful inventions. The HDJ-X7-K are crisp, clear, and with the right amount of bass. The audio is well balanced with a beautifully fat bass sound. It has advanced drivers for increased accuracy for your mix with an extended frequency response from 5Hz – 30kHz. They usually cost $199.00, so these can be quite a big investment for some, but we highly advise them if you want the best quality.

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3: Oneodio A70

The OneOdio A70 isolates noise and has fantastic clarity, on top of being affordable at $50.99. The bass sounds really good in these and they feature breathable protein skin earmuffs and soft sponge inside that improve the wearing experience, on top of delivering a high-quality sound experience for all wearers.

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2: Pioneer HDJ-X5BT-K

The last of Pioneer’s inventions in our list is the HDJ-X5BT-K. With a price tag of $149.00, these can be paired with a Bluetooth device such as a phone or PC, have a 3 hour charge time, and approximately 20 hours of playback. The earpads are very comfortable, they are durable and have a well balanced dynamic sound that everyone will love.

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1: Numark HF125

Finally, we have the Numark HF125 in the first place of our list. These are ultra-light DJ headphones with 7 different independently-adjustable position settings perfect for any mixing preference. They are fused with a padded headband and ear cushions to keep you focused on what’s important, and it’s single-sided cord minimizes tangles to get you playing from the get-go. They cost only $13.11, so you should definitely check them out on Amazon!

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