UK-based house producer, Chris Lorenzo, blessed us with his latest full length album on October 11th – Late Checkout. The 12-track album blends a variety of underground and contemporary house sub-genres to create a balanced, yet club-ready assortment of records.  

The veteran DJ didn’t hold anything back with careful underground collaborations – including tracks with rapper Chynna, Jinadu, Dances With White Girls, Puppah Nas-T, Marc Spence, Aubrey, and Cause & Affect.

Some of the more pure house tracks include “Bad Bitch,” “Here Kitty,” “I Don’t Care,” and “Stereotypes.” Lorenzo doesn’t shy away from integrating other genres, including a punchy drum and bass collaboration with The Streets – “Take Me As I Am,” and cultural, raw two-stepper “Nuttin Dat” with Cause & Affect (which Lorenzo used to be a part of).


A notable collaboration in the album includes “Run Up,” which features prominent British producer Redlight. The track blends familiar tech-house drums with bass-house leads. It is a minimal track with raw synthesis and clean mixing. 

Throughout the album, listeners can take note of minimally processed vocals that highlight vocal flow and instrumentation rather than an excessive effort to make radio-style hits. Perhaps this is Lorenzo’s shining aspect. The album includes metallic jabs, tonal drum hits, sporadic bongos, pluck synthesizers, and a variety of clap patterns that are sure to get your feet moving in a multitude of ways. 

Though he has been in the game for some time now, I believe this is merely the onset of a massively influential career for Chris Lorenzo – he will please us for many years to come.

You can stream Late Checkout here:

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