Ravedicks Teams Up With Fresh Raver To Make Lost Lands Themed Music Video (WATCH)

Ravedicks the duo from Santa Barbara, California sure knows how to make music that will make you get up and dance. The song starts with a piano/synth intro with the sound of rain and storm in the background, which makes it quite dark for the first few seconds. The main melody kicks in soon after that and it becomes clear that this tune is catchy as hell.

The official music video for the single ‘Caveman’ features several (you guessed it) Cavemen and women. It is hard (pun intended) not to write about the Ravedicks rather smart choice of branding, which happens to be oversized dicks that are a large (pun intended) part of the video. It’s no surprise that the video is inspired by the Lost Lands Music Festival.

The song also features Fresh Raver best known for keeping the rave community fresh, is playing a Caveman discovering fire at the beginning of the track and this is where the track starts to be fire, as in it starts to sound amazing and they start a fire in the video.

The influencer Fresh Raver is doing some really good charity work that is even featured a little in the video. You can read about and support here.

Fresh Raver in action:

All in all, you have to check out Ravedick’s new track, especially if you’re into Zomboy or Kompany. Here is a direct message from the Ravedicks about their music and goals that I found particularly interesting (and funny)

‘One of our goals is to stand out and be different, and move into uncharted territory. We want to deliver a type of sound that just feels like Big Dick Energy when you hear it and in the process of creating fun and intense performances make a cultural impact. Through our music and our content, we aim to inspire others to reach their full potential, and to laugh their asses off.’

Official Music Video:




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